About me

        Hi! My name is Jake Aarons, born August 1st 1997 and I am from Europe, Czech Republic.

	I make music and I'm also into creative writing. I'm a singer-songwriter, mostly genred like indie / folk / pop. I also write poetry to which I compose musical background. All of this is created in english despite my native language being czech. But I also write in czech as more of a hobby – poems, stories, articles...

	I first started writing when I was about 13 years old, simple poems in czech then "rap" lyrics inspired by my back-then idols which I tried to "rap" into instrumental pieces found on-line. When I was 16 I tried to write my first lyrics in english and at 17 I started learning to play the guitar at home and sing. Later, when I passed my final exams at high school in music, I first stepped into a recording studio – and honestly, it wasn't any good.

	Since then I was working on myself more and more, on the lyrical structure, music and also singing. At the beginning of 2018 I met a producer from Berlin who liked my original songs – that's how my first EP "4 songs of loss" (released June 16th 2018) was born. Right before that in May, my first single "Angel on Earth" was released which I recorded in the recording studio where I first tried to record anything.

	As today, I try to keep moving forward. I play live and present my music on-line. I meet more artistic people, we work together, and at the moment I'm preparing my second EP and I think you have something to look forward to!